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Our great tasting sparkling turmeric blends are packed with highly functional super foods with the highest bio-availability on the market.

AYA naturally enhances: mental performance, cellular resistance, immune health, metabolism and stress reduction/mood enhancement.

AYA Turmeric Sparkling Blend is produced by Asia Beverages in Thailand. It is now being launched in Singapore as the first global market. It is being made available in high end groceries, coffee shops and fitness centres/yoga studios. Currently available in Ginger & Manao flavour, AYA will soon launch a Passion Fruit version. AYA comes in 250ml recyclable cans.

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What makes Aya a must-have brand?

100%natural, NonGMO, plant based & lowsugar

Natural occurring Amino-acids.

Beneficial Pre-biotics

Essential Vitamin B complex: B12, 6, 5, 3